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Matchdesigns have improved their web design service by not only offering a top of the range webdesign service but also including in the package a marketing campaign that gives a 95% chance of getting top web rankings in any niche. Matchdesigns have added a new service which promotes local businesses and generates more local leads. More can be found out here

You will get a unique website that will work on all devices and be optimised to get higher rankings in search engine. This new service will mean your money will not be wasted on expensive pay per click adverts or seo experts. Matchdesigns will do it all for you for a low monthly fee.

If you have an existing website then a trial campaign can be set up and a custom made free report to suit your business. More can be found out here

Why choose us?

We are very flexible and work with clients to make sure they are happy. The client knows their business better than us but perhaps does not understand online marketing and is tired of marketing companies promising results for expensive fees. This why we offer a free trial and aim to bring results upfront. So it’s a win win for clients and we only ask them to answer a few simple questions which takes up to 10 minutes of their time. The client can then sit back while we do the hard work and bring results.


We are very flexible in terms of the system the website will run on. We know wordpress is popular at the minute and do use it, in fact, our own website is built on the system. We are not tied down to wordpress though like some competitors are. We like to keep an open mind and use what we think is best for the client. Each client is different so we only recommended the website cms system once we have had a chat to find out what will work best. We have found that more and more as technology develops and clients prefer to update their website were possible to be via blog or even a social media live stream this helps them keep in touch with their clients instantly and helps the business run smooth. The latest example as we write this is an Instagram feed that is displayed live on a furniture website. This helps the client Vytas, show to his customers what his latest custom-made furniture looks like. Which great for his potential customers who can see what he is up to and get inspiration. You can view the new site here which will be live shortly.

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